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Low-protein sunflower meal

Low-protein sunflower meal
The product LOW-PROTEIN SUNFLOWER MEAL in powder is with perfect quality and nutritional parameters to achieve maximum results for all farmers and feed mills. LOW-PROTEIN SUNFLOWER MEAL in powder with levels of protein 18-22% is an excellent alternative product of the soybean meal. This innovative product is with high levels of protein and low levels of fibers.

HIGH-PRO SUNFLOWER MEAL in powder is free of GMO and it is successfully consumed in several EU countries for animal feeding.

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Plant product in powder made from sunflower meal through proprietary processing method.

It is a source of highly digestible plant protein with high biological value. It is a feed ingredient suitable for all species and categories of livestock animals, birds and fish.

 🗸  It is GMO FREE!

  • Bulk weight: 500kg/м3
  • Granulometry: 150-300 microns
Chemical composition

Moisture <11%
Crude Fibers >25%
Crude Protein 18-22%
Crude Fat <1,0%

Amino Acids content 
Serine 0.74%
Lysine 0.64%
Glycine 1.05%
Methionine  0.40%
Alanine 0.77%
Cystine 0.29%
Valine 0.90%
Treonine 0.60%
Isoleucine 0.74%
Leucine 1.13%
Phenylalanine 0.82%
Methionine + Cystine 0.69%
Histidine 0.45%
Aspartic acid 1.62%
Arginine 0.77%


  • Feed ingredient to be used in fodders  for all species and categories of livestock animals, birds and fish.

Recommendation for use:

  • Use to balance the protein and amino acids content in fodders. 
  • Use to replace soybean meal in fodders for better economic effect of feeding.


  • 1000 KG big bags or bulk

Shelf life

  • 6 months after date of manufacture

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