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Corn Gluten

Corn Gluten
Corn gluten is a product obtained from the production of corn starch. It consists predominantly of maize protein obtained from the separation of starch from maize. Corn gluten protein is high in the most important amino acids for farm animals and birds - methionine and cystine. In addition to protein, corn gluten has a high content of carotene, a yellow pigment that has a positive effect on the color of the yolk in laying hens.

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Corn gluten meal is a by-product extracted by gentle process from the production of corn starch and consists of high digestible corn protein with a high content of xanthophylls.

Crude Protein 
min. 58,0 % , standardly 60%
Protein in dry matter
Moisture content
max. 13,0 %
Crude Fat 
Approx. 5,5%
Crude Fiber
Approx.. 1,0%
Crude ash
Approx.. 1,5%
Nitrogen free extracts
Approx.. 30,0%